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What's the difference between N700A and N700S Shinkansen?

The N700A and N700S are both types of Shinkansen trains used in Japan, but there are some differences between them.

1. Design and Technology:

The N700S is the newer version of the two and incorporates several advancements in design and technology compared to the N700A.

This includes improvements in aerodynamics, weight reduction, and power control systems.

2. Onboard Batteries:

One of the notable differences is that the N700S is equipped with onboard batteries, allowing it to continue operating even in the event of a power outage.

This enhances safety and reliability.

3. Interior Comfort:

The interior of the N700S has been redesigned to improve passenger comfort.

It may feature upgraded seating arrangements, amenities, and possibly better noise insulation compared to the N700A.

4. Efficiency:

Due to its advancements in technology, the N700S is likely more energy-efficient than the N700A.

This could result in reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

5. Overall Performance:

While both trains are high-speed and efficient, the N700S represents a newer generation of Shinkansen technology and is expected to offer better overall performance and reliability compared to the N700A.

In summary, the N700S is an upgraded version of the N700A, featuring improvements in design, technology, onboard features, and overall performance.

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