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What is HIDAKAYA in Japan?

A famous Ramen restaurant chain in Tokyo

HIDAKAYA (日高屋/ひだかや) is probably one of the most famous Ramen restaurant chains in Tokyo.

They offer Ramen and Chinese cuisines at low prices.

The foods taste very good and local people love it.

The prices for noodles start at 390 JPY($3.5 USD).

6 pieces of dumplings - 220 JPY($2 USD).

A vegetable stir fry with rice and soup - 600 JPY($5.5 USD).

MENU on HIDAKAYA's official website

There are over 400 shops in/around Tokyo.

They have menu with food images.

You just point at it and your food will be coming soon.

When leaving, you'll get a free ticket for a big portion.

You can use it next time.

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